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Stefano Favaretto

My artistic research aims to investigate in a profound and systematic way the existence of an union between a so - called "invisible " universe made of energies, frequencies, vibrations, and what instead represents the visible or more material world. My attempt is to break down the boundaries between physical and non-physical by going deeper into human spirituality showing the existence of an universal energy having different shapes at the different level of frequency but belonging all to a unique font. My deep research investigates elements that have always been the bridge between the two supposed universes (physical and not physical), like myth and legends trying to focus on the study of energies as part of a collective identity. Exploring energy essence I triy to  demonstrate that the human being has always tried to "look beyond" and to confirm the existence of a universe we do not see that is totally part of us.I try to immortalise an invisible reality that is there in front of our eyes (using his camera), bringing  it to light and revealing incredible figures or shapes made of pure energy . Thanks to an old Kirlian device that is able to detect human body aura and that was  used from his father, I’m investigating the concept of personal identity using the  photographed body energy  as a bridge to the concept of collective identity showing that we are part of the same universal energy.  My art is an invitation to go deeper into our spiritual side and to use “different eyes” to explore our existence.

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Stefano Favaretto was born in Merano in 1969. His passion for photography led him right from the age of 15 to study photographic techniques and experiment with them. After his studies in human sciences, he worked for many years as a psychologist and psychotherapist, which certainly contributed to his personal growth as an artist and photographer always intent to capture human emotions in his pictures. This was how his artistic focus developed: observe and capture the human and spiritual essence behind a picture, in order to stimulate the observer to reflect and get in touch with his or her own emotions and interior life. His passion for photography and human narratives also spurred him to travel throughout the different continents. These journeys broadened his cultural knowledge and awareness, contributing to the evolution of his artistic work. A typical feature of Favaretto’s work is the use of elements taken from psychotherapy, such as metaphors and symbols and to photograph the real characters of local legends and tales.

For Favaretto, a picture has to trigger emotions, and does this in a circular process that involves the observer as well as the work of art itself. It is the observer who projects his or her own meanings and interpretations onto the picture, making it his or her own. Only in this way a photograph can be considered successful.  Favaretto has exhibited his art all over the world with great success and since 2021 he has become a pioneer in the world of NFTs both as an artist and as a curator and community builder.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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