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Artistic proiect founded by Massimo Di Leo and Gaia Riposati in 2016, its artworks intertwine the real and the virtual in a delicate equilibrium and aim to investigate the relationships between our physical word and the digital metaverse, the untouchable aether we are constantly immersed in, with physical devices, like the interactive installation "Nuvola" ("The Cloud" - 2018) a technological device with an archetypal cloud shaped body, fulfilled with sensors and empowered by machine learning algorithms, or digital artworks like the latest animated "portrait of Christina, Queen of Sweden" (2019) a digital installation created by the actor work of Gaia Riposati and Artificial Intelligence processes or NFTs productions like "Art Prophecies" again powered by acting performances and AI, or the very first real time social media interactive NFT ("The Storm" 2022). 

NuvolaProject's artworks have been exhibited in museums in Italy and projected in France, Greece, USA, UAE, China and other countries.

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Massimo Di Leo

Digital innovator, entrepreneur and digital artist. Took part to events and projects promoted by public cultural institutions to promote digital transformation, showcasing creative uses of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or digital art, and new approaches to service design and design thinking. Lately he is lecturer in courses for university of Rome "Sapienza" and "Universitá Mercatorum" and promotes performing media with public conferences and tecno-artistic performances and exhibitions.

In early 2000s she started an artistic partnership with Gari Riposati, creating "NuvolaProject" and art project whose artworks has been exhibited in museums in Italy, Frances, USA, UAE, China and other countries.

Gaia Riposati

Artist, actress, performer, director, author. Works in cinema and television but mostly in theater. Brings her performances on Italian and international stages andin unconventional spaces like the Louvre Museum in Paris or Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome and Biennial of Venice. She has always combined more traditionally theatrical interpretations with collaborations with great visual artists creating artistic and performative works.

In early 2000s she started the art project  "NuvolaProject" in partnership with Massimo Di Leo, creating artworks that blend art and paradigms of new technologies. Since 2020 she is a lecturer at universities on Performing Media and digital technologies.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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