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Nasim Pachi

I paint in a photorealistic style, confronting patterns with the human body, whereby I choose to not focus on my subject's face. Despite this gesture of protection or self-censorship, my female nudes reveal the harmony of their bodies as somechine natural.My art is influenced by my international upbringing and adulthood I was born in Iran, completed a Master of Arts Germany and have since lived in many countries in 3 continents. I usually begin by conceptualising an idea, then set about taking many photos of my subjects. The composition of each painting is developed from a combination of many edited photographs. All the elements I use in my work are physical if they do not already exist. I create them for my own reality. The final image is defined by its openness to free expression, detail, and color. I mostly work in series on smooth linen or canvas The patterns I usually pains in acrylic. skin in oil applying cultural or religious patterns provides my work with a context to enhance identity and further provoke the meaning of the work. By my repetitive patterns am looking for a connection to eternity. My messages are of contrasts and opposites, duality and identity. I aim for subtle layering in my works which - despite dealing mostly with the harsh realities of social issues and religious or government oppression - remain aesthetically painting.

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Nasim G. Pachi is a figurative painter based in Hong Kong. Her art is influenced by her international upbringing and adulthood— she spent the first two decades of her life in Iran, completed a Master of Arts in Germany and has since lived in Europe, West Africa, and Southeast Asia.

The social, cultural and political paradoxes she encounters are her creative fuel. Fascinated by people and the choices they make, Nasim is continuously assessing her own identity and trying to understand how her upbringing and travels continue to mold it.

Her paintings contrast intricate patterns and faceless figures to illustrate statements on identity, culture and gender.

Nasim's work is collected and exhibited internationally. Since August 2021 she is exploring NFT space beside practicing her physical art.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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