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Marjan Shariat

We are dead: 

One day we will disappear. We get lost in the hustle and bustle of the times. Except for the photos, we remain only in the memory of our survivors.
In the minds of our survivors, we become a memory, we become an image, and one day there will be no trace left of us. Photos are our last memories that outlive us.I recreate them by painting from old photos, they come alive again in my paintings.


We and everything is with us in the journey of life are ghostly images of reality. A kind of reality which is far from the usual time and space. This portrait is one of a series of portraits that I drew with a pencil and combined with digital software and tried to show different moods in it. I focus more on the elderly and the deep lines of their faces that are a reminder of their lives and memories.

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Marjan shariatzade was born in1983 semnan-iran.she received her B.A Bachelor of painting (arts) in Elm o Farhang (Science and Culture) University, Tehran, Iran.

Group exhibition-parvin gallery rasht,2008‌

Group exhibition -laleh gallery -tehran ,april2008

Group exhibition -aria gallery -tehran ,February 2015

Group exhibition -Saba Cultural and Artistic Collection-tehran, August 2019

Group exhibition niavaran gallery-tehran,August 2021 

Group online exhibition golestan gallery-tehran,August 2021

Group exhibition iranian artist- salon du coquelicot -chambourcy-france- october 2021

Group exhibition France-Iran- Royal halls foundation of madeleine church-paris - october 2022


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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