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Marco Veronese

On my tenth birthday I was given the book "From the Renaissance to Mannerism." This book led me to discover the beauty, the depth, and the importance of art. It has brought to light what was already inside of me, sheltered in "walls" of my soul. Living totally surrounded by beauty, and having a naturally deep sense of aesthetics, leads to value the importance of harmony and to demand perfection for yourself and for the others. My artworks are always the result of the observation of the human condition expressed  through the use of digital photography mixed with silicon, sand paper and gold leaf. On the stage where the human condition takes place, we are directors, actors, and spectators in search of reality and a possible truth. The artist is the lighting technician, the one who turns the spotlight on awareness. My daily commitment is to awaken dormant consciences, giving back, through a poetic and recognizable aesthetic, a new value to the word spirituality. I consider myself a "warrior artist", an alchemist who transforms the lead of violence into the gold of beauty and harmony. My research is not about finding new forms and new materials, but in restoring what manipulation has made unrecognizable, the human being..

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Marco Veronese express is art as photographer, digital artist, sculptor, performer, poet and writer.


He is active in the art world since 1982,  and his works have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions in manycountries like Italy, Corea, France, USA, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus and Hungary.

He is also one of the founding members of CrackingArt, group of 5 artists that since the 1993 make installation all over the world with huge recyclable plastic animals. 


4 of his artworks are collected by the 21C Museum in Louisville, Kentucky USA ( Rinascimento (2013), S.O.S. World (2008), Fossili contemporanei (2006) Contaminazioni (2004).

The artist is present also in the collection of the Portofino Museum in Italy with the sculpture entitled " Fuck the world".


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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